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fucking B to the efffing O

listen up, i miss the b.o. as much as you hopefully do. i swear late 05/totally06 is gonna be the fucking shiiiiiiiit for us. we have already got some shit and inknow youll like it. just wait,. when we are together all the time and playing video games adn being retarded stupid in whatever state that we feel deem fit, then we weills bring the em effing pain to michiganzzzz. our old shit, that hasnt even been released for about  a year, is obselete to the stuff that we will bring. expect our live shows to be wacky, fucking awesome, and mos def the best psycho technical hard mood music that youve ever experienced. i swear we will pour ourselves into you if you will be our motherfukkkking cup. eat it faggotz. bye, gabe.
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